Care Guide

Handbag Care

Each Unyé leather handbag is handcrafted and therefore unique. Our handbags are
made with imported, fine Italian leathers. Each type of leather used is distinct in
their characteristic and must be treated with care.

Leather has small variances. Its natural grains, markings and color variations are
what make it an amazing material which will wear beautifully over time when
treated with care.

To extend the beauty of your item, please keep your handbag stored out of direct sunlight, high heat and humidity. Our leathers are treated with a special formula to keep it stain and water resistant, but please still protect your leather items from any water, oil-based substances.


Jewelry Care

Unyé jewelry is made out of surgical stainless steel, which is safe for people with allergies and sensitivities to base metals such as nickel, copper, and brass. 

Stainless steel is not only safe for your skin, but is the most sustainable metal to keep our environment safe and beautiful. We use the finest finishes that are environmentally friendly and keep your jewelry extremely durable. Stainless steel will not tarnish or corrode.

However due to it's high shine finishes, the jewelry can scratch. Please wear your jewelry with care and store your pieces in a way that minimizes contact with other sharp items which may damage your jewelry.

Retain the shine of your jewelry by soaking in warm water with mild detergent and polishing with a jewelry cloth.

For further questions on care for your handbag or jewelry, please contact us at

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