Christina Zayas

Unyé is a New York City design house specializing in modern accessories for fashionable minimalists. Our luxury handbags are made from fine Italian leathers, and our hypoallergenic jewelry is always crafted with sustainable metals and finishes. Please see the products picked by Christina Zayes.
Orbit Hypoallergenic Hoop Earrings

Not just your ordinary hoop earrings - make our Orbit earrings your new everyday!Inspired by the planetary elements and the lifecycle of our earth.The LARGE ORBIT earrings loop into the ear from behind your earlobe and stay secure through the hanging pendulum detail. 


JIMMY - Leather Crossbody Handbag
This structured leather crossbody handbag is made out of Italian cowhide and nubuck leathers. Our cowhide leathers have a slight sheen and our nubuck leathers are scotch guarded to provide water and stain resistance.

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